Scotchbrite Rust Paint Removal Remover Polishing Buffing Mop 6” x 1 Row

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Size Coarse
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Professional mops for commercial or occasional use

6” scotchbrite mop

6” x 1 row scotchbrite mop

This listing is a variation for 3 different grades either coarse, medium or fine

A number of uses including removing scratches / bad staining as well as paint and rust

Removes light marks left from preparation

Suitable for use on a wide range of materials including iron, steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, brass and non ferrous materials

Fastened together with leather washers for a maximum support when using the mop

British manufactured mops

Suitable for use with any 6” bench grinder

Abrasive nylon lap mop gives an even finish

Can be used for giving a mat / satin finish (a bit like a sand / shot blaster finish) on most materials

No compound is required when using this mop


• Scotchbrite mop
• Grade of scotchbrite mop – Coarse, medium or Fine
• Dimensions of the mop – 6” (150mm) x 1/4" (6mm)
• 1 row / 1 lap scotchbrite mop

This is a multi variation listing for 3 different grade mops (coarse, medium or fine), simply click on the tab above to select the correct grade required