SDS Plus Arbor Mandrill Attachment Complete With HSS Holesaw 32mm – 152mm

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Size 32mm
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Professional HSS hole saw and SDS adaptor for commercial or occasional use

Suitable for electricians, plumbers, mechanics and other heavy duty users

HSS hole saw for maximum strength and durability

Bi-metal hole saw and electron beam welded teeth for stronger and longer lasting use

Not suitable for use with hammer action on the drill

Suitable for cutting holes in a wide range of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, aluminium, wood, plastics, copper, UPVC, acrylic glass, Bronze etc...

HSS bi metal cutters

Pack comes complete with SDS hole saw arbor

SDS shank so will fit any drill with an SDS chuck on

Suitable for use with other hole saws as well as the one the item comes with (ranging from 32mm – 152mm)

Fitted with a 1/4" HSS centre pilot drill

Comes complete with a quick release lock system

Total shank length – 50mm

Total length of the drill 45mm

Metric size holesaws ranging from 32mm – 152mm

Listing includes the following sizes – 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 41mm, 44mm, 51mm, 54mm, 57mm, 64mm, 67mm, 70mm, 73mm, 76mm, 86mm, 102mm, 127mm and 152mm

18 different sizes to choose from simply click on the tabs above to select the correct size required