Shank Valve Lapping Lapper Tool Attachment + Suction Plates 20mm – 45mm

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Professional valve lapping tool for commercial or occasional use

Valve lapping tool attachment

Helps you to install the valve correctly

Cleans all the carbon deposits off valve and valve guide

Suitable for facilitating the insertion of valves

Using this tool can correct surface irregularities and eliminate subsurface damage of the new valve

Comes complete with 4 suction cup plates to make fitting and seating various valve sizes either in your lawn mower, chainsaw, car or motorcycle and small engine valves

Automatic change in direction

Suitable for use with fine grinding paste


• Valve lapping tool attachment
• 8mm shaft
• 4 x suction cups – 20mm, 30mm, 35mm and 45mm
• Working speed – 1000 RPM – 1250 RPM (max)
• Automatic change in direction
• For use with fine grinding paste