Small Ultra Squeaker Durable Rubber High Bouncing Ball Dog Puppy Toy 5cm…

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No matter where fetch takes you and your pet these Squeaker balls are no ordinary balls and certainly bring the fun.

Designed for the most demanding use, these exceptionally durable balls have been designed so that they are highly visible, incredibly bouncy, will float in water and will travel seriously long distances when used with compatible launchers.

A small hole hidden on the surface of the ball allows air to enter and escape from the ball, so that whenever your dog has a cheeky chew, the ball will inflate and return to its original shape no matter how hard they compress it.

Made from natural rubber, these squeaker balls will last longer than ordinary tennis balls.

Built-in squeaker makes fun sounds as dogs catch and carry the ball for more exciting games of fetch

Durable, high-bounce rubber encourages pets to leap and chase. Rubber surface resists mess and is easy to wipe clean

Rubber construction provides high-impact bounce and buoyancy for water games.

Buoyant design makes fetching even more fun for water-loving dogs.

Orange and blue colours attract dogs' interest and allow high visibility for pet parents

Designed to take interaction with your dog to the next level.

Note: For your pets safety please ensure that the ball is the correct size for your dog before play commences.