Snow Leaf Grass Shovel Scoop Remover Removal Clearer Clearing Short Handle

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Pack Size Single Snow Shovel
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Short snow shovel

Perfect for clearing drives / work areas or anywhere that snow lands

Short shovel handle but long enough for virtually all people to use

Also suitable for clearing grass or leaves

Suitable for all year use

Multifunctional use

Curved design cuts through the snow / leaves and cut grass

Manufactured from durable plastic for strength and durability

Wooden handle so your hands won’t get cold as if it was a metal handle

Wooden handle and plastic shovel so lightweight – total weight 650 grams

Handle comes loose for easy storage whether this be at home or in the car

Short handle – total length of the handle – 750mm (this is just the wooden bit)

Simple and easy to clean


• Shovel is manufactured from durable plastic
• Wooden handle for comfort and grip
• Total length of the handle – 750mm
• Width of the shovel – 410mm
• Depth of the shovel – 270mm
• Total weight of the shovel – 650 grams

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