Stainless Steel Detachable Brake Cables For Alko AL-KO Axle Systems

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Size 930mm / 1160mm
Pack Size Single Cable
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Professional brake cable for day to day or occasional use

Alko AL-KO style stainless steel brake cables

Stainless steel brake cables so ideal for boat trailers as wont rust

Brake cables for ALKO AL-KO trailer brakes

Used on all trailers with the same attachment and with Alko systems

Ideal for boat trailers

Detachable brake cable for Alko Trailer brakes / systems

Outer dimensions (this refers to the outer sheath / the part in red)

Inner cable length (the total length of the inner cable)

26mm diameter bell end fitting for the half shell to fit inside

Alko AL-KO detachable fitting on one end of the cable and an M8 thread on the other (comes complete with M8 domed nut)


• BC31 - Outer sheath 930mm / Inner cable 1160mm
• BC32 - Outer sheath 1030mm / Inner cable 1230mm
• BC33 - Outer sheath 1130mm / Inner cable 1340mm
• BC34 - Outer sheath 1430mm / Inner cable 1640mm
• BC35 - Outer sheath 1630mm / Inner cable 1830mm