Stainless steel Nuts Bolts Washers Fasteners Fixings M3 - M6 224pc kit AST17

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Fully threaded bolts with a Philips screwdriver head.

Also includes stainless steel nuts and washers.

Contains 16 of the most popular sizes.

These sizes include :

M3 X 25mm (12PCS)
M4 X 12mm(16PCS)
M4 X 20mm (14PCS)
M4 X 40mm (10PCS)
M4 X 50mm (6 PCS)
M5 X 25mm (10 PCS)
M6 X 25mm (8 PCS)
M6 X 40mm (6 PCS)
M3 Nuts (24PCS)
M4 Nuts (18PCS)
M5 Nuts (12 PCS)
M6 Nuts (16 PCS)
3mm Washers (26 PCS)
4mm Washers (18 PCS)
5mm Washers (12 PCS)
6mm Washers(16 PCS)

All contained in a storage container for easy storage and transportation.