Steel Blindnut Fastener Nut Serts Inserts Rivets Assorted Sizes 3 – 12mm 300pc

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Professional assorted blind nut rivets for commercial or occasional use

Assorted blind threaded steel rivet nuts

Assorted steel nut rivet set ranging from 3mm – 12mm

300pc steel nut rivet set

Suitable for use with most materials that cannot be tapped or welded

Dual action nut serts can be used as blind fastener or screw anchor

Ideal for creating a threaded fixing point on any metallic or dense materials

Steel nut serts for maximum strength and durability

Requires access to only one side of the work piece

Nut can be installed after painting or finishing operations.

Provides a robust screw anchor therefore eliminating problems of welding and material distortion

Once the nut sert is installed they are permanently attached to the material.

Allows the associated nut to be removed in service without the risk of the fastener becoming dislodged

Strong thread at least 6 turns, even on thinner material

Carbon steel body for maximum strength and durability

Zinc plated / coated to prevent from rust and rotting

Suitable for use with most nut sert tools

Leaves a strong professional looking fastener

Permanent and reliable fastener


• 3mm Steel Nut Rivets x 90pc
• 4mm Steel Nut Rivets x 65pc
• 5mm Steel Nut Rivets x 50pc
• 6mm Steel Nut Rivets x 40pc
• 8mm Steel Nut Rivets x 30pc
• 10mm Steel Nut Rivets x 20pc
• 12mm Steel Nut Rivets x 5pc

Comes in a partitioned clear box for easy storage / transportation and identification