Steel Wire Wheel / Rotary Cup Brush Set Rust Removal TE277

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A very useful set of steel brushes for cleaning, deburring, rust removal etc... Very popular for any type of restoration or fabrication project.

Quickly removes rust, scale, paint etc. from used parts.

Perfect for complex shapes or grooves where it can be difficult to get in with other tools.

Steel wire bristles are coated to prevent corrosion and twisted into a tight spiral for a long life.

By varying the pressure applied you can get just the right amount of abrasion without damaging the part.

All of the brushes come with a 1/4 arbour which will fit all electric / air / battery drills.

Heat treated galvanized steel cup and wheel housings.

Maximum RPM 4500

6pc 2" Diameter Cup Brush
6pc 3" Diameter Cup Brush
6pc 2" Diameter Wire Wheel
6pc 4" Diameter Wire Wheel