Steering Rack Knuckle Tie Rod End Track Axial Joint Removal Tool 30-45mm AU018

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

Track rod end (steering arm) remover and installer.

This tool allows for the quick and easy removal and replacement of the inner steering ball joint without the need to dismantle the steering rack from the bulkhead.

Universal for steering arms range from 30mm 45mm.

Three interchangeable heads sizes 3035mm, 3540mm & 4045mm.

Automatic clamping of the joint heads.

Simple and easy to use you can either use a 1/2" ratchet or 27mm spanner / socket to twist the end.

Hollow body to help reach further onto the steering arm.

Extra long so ideal for those hard to reach areas.

Total rod length 360mm (Minus head).

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel.

Outside diameters 72, 78 & 90mm.

Simple Application:

The hollow body allows the track rod to be passed in until the axle joint touches the head part of the tool

Choose a 27mm spanner or 1/2" drive socket to work the end of this tool, turn it in an anticlockwise motion to loosen the axle joint

Replace a new one by taking a new axle joint and turn the hex part clockwise