Superior Quality Dust Extracted Kiln Dried Small Animal Bedding Woodshaving 3.6Kg

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Soft, safe and ready to snuggle in. These wood shavings are also sustainable – sourced from well-managed forests.

Kiln dried and dust-extracted to reduce bacteria, they’re highly absorbent and fully biodegradable.

Your furry friends can enjoy warm, comfy bedding while you have full peace of mind that any niffs and odours will also be under control.

Wonderful wood. The natural properties of wood shavings make it the perfect choice for bedding

Handy size premier wood shavings that have been kiln dried and dust extracted to provide even the smallest of your pets the bedding they deserve.

Sourced from well managed forests, Pillow Wad use only premier quality wood shavings that are kiln dried to kill bacteria and reduce moisture content.

It is dust extracted to aid respiratory health and ensure a safe comfortable bed for all kinds of animals including, rabbits, chickens, mice and chinchillas to name a few.

The natural properties of soft wood enable it to mask odours so we don't add a thing. The ultimate soft, comfy bedding.

Each Pack contains 3.6KG of Wood Shavings