Tarpaulin Repair Kit / Eyelet Kit TE061

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Complete repair kit with everything you need to put eyelets into a tarpaulin or sheet.

Very simple to use, simply punch a hole with the supplied punch. Then rivet the eyelet in with the tool and anvil.

Includes 30 x 20mm eyelets (30 eyelets and 30 washers), outside diameter 20mm, internal diameter 12mm.


STEP 1 Use the hole cutter to cut a hole for the new eyelet. Place the cutter in the desired position and strike hard with a hammer to pierce a hole in the tarpaulin (this is to be done on a hard surface)
STEP 2 Put the bottom half of the eyelet in the eyelet holder. The lower half is the larger part of the eyelet with the raised centre which pass through the underneath of the hole in the tarpaulin.
STEP 3 Place the upper ring of eyelet over the lower part of the eyelet which is protruding through the tarpaulin. The upper ring has a recessed ridge around the inside this must be facing up.
STEP 4 Position the eyelet punch tool over the top of the new eyelet and into the hole in the centre through to the eyelet holder underneath. Again with the eyelet on a hard surface strike the hammer to fix the eyelet into place.