Temporary Fasteners Cleco Skin Pins Sheet Metal Fastener Grip 2mm – 4.7mm

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Size 3/32"
Pack Size 10 Pins
In stock: 200
Professional cleco pins for commercial or occasional use

Cleco Skin Pins

A very useful item for temporary fastening

This listing covers 4 different sizes in cleco pins

Suitable for any car restoration project that requires panel repair

Used for sheet metal holding

Simply drill a hole in two panels and insert a pin using the pliers to provide a temporary fixing between the panels

The fastener can be removed and replaced as many times as necessary until the panel is finished

Then you can either put in a permanent fastener such as a pop rivet or bolts, or the panel can be welded and the hole filled

Originally used in the aviation industry these pins have become very popular for all kinds of sheet metal work, from temporarily assembling ducting to securing body panels

Used with a cleco plier for easy application

4 different size cleco pins either 1/8” (3mm), 3/32” (2mm), 5/32” (4mm) and 3/16” (4.7mm)

4 different size pins and 4 different pack sizes to choose from simply click on the tab above to select the correct size and pack quantity required