Thor No 1 Copper & Rawhide Faced Hammer / Hide Mallet Dead Blow TE401

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A genuine thor hammer. There are top quality hammers / mallets and are very popular for general use and for removing spinners on classic cars. This is the same hammer as was provided in many classic cars original tool kits!

Thor have over 50 years experience in making expert hammers to provide a non damaging striking solution.

Copper face one side and rawhide the other, housing in a malleable iron head with wooden handle.

Copper face is manufactured from 99.9% pure extruded electrolytic copper rod which provides a firm positive blow without the risk of damage.

Rawhide face absorbs the shock of blow and transfers the force to he item being struck with out fear of damage.

The faces are designed to wear but are replaceable if necessary.

Ideal for positive blows on highly finished or closely ground machined parts throughout the aircraft / automotive and shipping industries.

Also can be used by tool and gauge makers as well as bearing assembly makers in heavy industrial applications such as earthmoving equipment, shipping, locomotive assembly etc...


1 x copper face (99.9% pure extruded electrolytic copper rod).
1 x rawhide face.
Non damaging striking surface.
Malleable iron head.
Wooden handle.
Total length of the item 275mm.
Head length 100mm.
Head width 45mm.
Striking surface width 32mm
Total weight (Including handle) 700 grams.