Torque Lug Wrench Multiplier 1" drive 1- 68 Ratio Truck Wheel Nut 4800Nm TE392

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A high quality torque multiplier designed for general purpose and HGV use where it is necessary to provide higher torque than would other wise be possible, due to either limitations on space or operator strength.

Produces a large amount of torque with a small amount of effort.

Gear ratio of 68:1

Torque up to a maximum of 4800Nm.

Also includes a spinning handle. Once the nut has been loosened it would take ages to spin it off with the multiplier so you can use this to spin the nut off quickly.

1" square drive so will fit any 1" drive socket.

Set includes 2 x 1" double deep impact sockets 32mm and 33mm (so standard lorry wheel nut sizes)

Supplied in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation.

Simple to use;

Put the required socket on to the square drive head and fit the handle

Check direction of the handle turning against the socket turning to ensure you are turning the handle in the correct direction

After loosening the nut, change to the long bar to finish

Use the long bar when refitting nut until hand tight, then use the multiplier to finish

Wheels should be torqued with a suitable torque wrench after refitting as it is not possible to accurately judge the torque using this alone.


1 x torque multiplier

1 x extension bar total length 250mm / 10" 1" square drive

1 x handle for the extension bar 250mm / 10" long by 125mm / 5" wide

1 x double deep impact socket 32mm

1 x double deep impact socket 33mm