Torx Star Extra Long Screwdrivers T10 - T30 Total Length 260mm 6pc Set

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Top quality Torx/star screwdrivers, ideal for professional or occasional use.

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability.

Magnetic tip helps stop the screw falling off during use.

Rubber ergonomic handles are easy to grip even when turning tight screws.

250mm total length. (Ideal for hard to reach areas)


Torx screwdriver T10
Torx screwdriver T15
Torx screwdriver T20
Torx screwdriver T25
Torx screwdriver T27
Torx screwdriver T30

Please note Torx/star screwdrivers do not have the hole in the centre of the tip. They are known as 'tamper Torx' or 'security star'.