Torx / Star Female Sockets 14pc Set 1/4" dr 3/8" dr and 1/2" dr E Socket TE355

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High quality sockets suitable for professional or occasional use.

Female Torx / star sockets as used on many new cars.

1/4"dr, 3/8"dr and 1/2"dr sockets cover the full range from E4 up to E24.

Suitable to do virtually any job on a normal car with Torx bolts. The small (1/4"dr) sizes are often used on ECU's, airbags, steering columns, the medium (3/8"dr) sizes are often used for antiroll bar mounts, and suspension components etc. and the large (1/2"dr) sizes are often used for engine mounts, brake calliper carriers and major suspension components.

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for durability and strength.

Comes complete on a socket rail for easy storage and transportation.


E4 / E5 / E6 / E7 / E8 1/4" drive
E10 / E11 / E12 / E14 3/8" drive
E16 / E18 / E20 / E22 / E24 1/2" drive