Trailer Caravan Plug 7 Pin N Type Electric Lighting Socket TR039

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This listing is for a 7 Pin plug (N type) to do the lights on a caravan or trailer.

Ideal for new builds or for replacing damaged plugs on existing trailers.

Screw connection inside the plug, easy for DIY replacement.

Brass pins in a durable plastic housing with rubber seal.

Provides connections for indicators, side lights, brake lights and fog lamp.

Also available with an aluminium case, please see our shop for this version.

Wiring Guide

PIN 1 Yellow Wire (Left Indicator)
PIN 2 Blue Wire (Fog Lamp)
PIN 3 White Wire (Earth Return)
PIN 4 Green Wire (Right Indicator)
PIN 5 Brown Wire (Right Side light)
PIN 6 Red Wire (Brake lights)
PIN 7 Black Wire (Left Side light)
This guide shows the standard wiring colours, but your trailer might not be standard. If it is not then you should note which pin number each wire goes to before removing the old plug and simply connect the new one the same.