Tungsten Carbide Burr Rotary Files Remover Removal Tool Hole Enlarger 7pc Set

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For use with an electric drill, router or die grinder tool with 1/4" shaft.

Suitable for polishing, grinding, shaping and burnish wooden surfaces.

Double diamond cut so a lot stronger than cheaper models.

Tungsten carbide burr's not HSS like cheaper models.

Most burrs range from 54mm 66mm in length while the diameter is 10mm at their widest.

They all come with a 6mm / 1/4" shank.

They will grind most steel types, glass, plastics, marble / granite and various other materials.


Cone burr
Cylindrical burr small
Cylindrical burr medium
Cylindrical burr large
Rounded cylindrical burr.
Flat tipped cylindrical burr small
Flat tipped cylindrical burr large

Comes in a box for easy storage and transportation.

Professional quality carbide burr set for everyday or commercial use.