Universal Battery Checker Tester AA AAA C D 9V & Button Cells Volt TE247

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Universal Coin Cell Battery Tester
Double easy to read colour coded scales for indicate power level
One moveable arm to accommodate the battery
Two connection points on the side for testing 9 volt batteries
Testing multiple sizes in one unit
Easy to read analogue display.

Coin Cell Battery Tester used to test the following sizes:

PP3 / MN1604 / 6F22 / 006P
AAA / HP16 / MN2400 / R03
AA / HP7 / MN1500 / UM3
C / HP11 / MN1400 / SP11 / LR14 / UM2
D / HP2 / MN1300 / SP2 / R20 / UM1
All kinds of button cell