VDE Insulated Screwdrivers Flat Pozi Phillips Torx Interchangeable Heads 13pc

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Professional VDE screwdriver set for commercial or occasional use

13pc interchangeable screwdriver set

Selection of slotted (flat) Phillips, Pozi and Star screwdrivers

Locking handle with interchangeable blades

Designed to protect up to 1000V

Suitable for use on hybrid and electric vehicles

Allows the user to work with confidence on potentially high voltage systems in the knowledge that the tools are extremely safe and of high quality

Safe to use when working with electricity in a high voltage environment

Part of the hybrid range of tools

Protects from electric shocks up to 1500 V DC and 1000 V AC

Interchangeable / lockable screwdrivers so to change the screwdriver simply push in to the handle and use a screwdriver

Quick release twit button for easy removal when another screwdriver is required

If the items you are undoing / fastening are not tight then the screwdrivers can be used without the handle

Plastic handle for comfort and grip when using the screwdrivers

Magnetic tips to prevent the screws from falling off the end


1. 1 x slotted screwdriver – 1.2mm x 6.5mm x 100mm
2. 1 x slotted screwdriver – 1mm x 5.5mm x 100mm
3. 1 x slotted screwdriver – 0.8mm x 4mm x 100mm
4. 1 x slotted screwdriver – 0.5mm x 3mm x 100mm
5. 1 x Phillips screwdriver – PH2 x 100mm
6. 1 x Phillips screwdriver – PH1 x 80mm
7. 1 x Pozidriv screwdriver – PZ2 x 100mm
8. 1 x Pozidriv screwdriver – PZ1 x 80mm
9. 1 x Star / Torx screwdriver – T20 x 100mm
10. 1 x Star / Torx screwdriver – T15 x 100mm
11. 1 x Star / Torx screwdriver – T10 x 100mm
12. 1 x voltage tester (110 – 250 V)
13. 1 x locking handle

Come in a plastic case for easy storage and transportation