Vernier Slide Calliper Electronic Digital Calliper Precision Measurement TE122

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Precision made Vernier slide calliper.

Steel construction.

Can measure internal and external sizes. Also can measure hole/tread depth with the built in depth stop.

A simple way to make accurate measurements of internal and external distances of up to 150mm.

Fitted with locknut for holding the Vernier position and for repeat measurements.

Provided with a sturdy padded plastic case for protection when not in use.

Includes depth measuring tool.

Can display in Metric or SAE.

Measuring Range 0150mm (06")

Accuracy plus or minus 0.02mm (0100mm range) and plus or minus 0.03mm (100mm plus range) Accuracy is also effected in areas of very high humidity (over 80%).

Features data output connector for compatible devices.

Supplied with a 'display' battery in the tool, but this will not last long. The proper battery is supplied in a small packet and should be inserted once the display one goes flat.