Weather Resistant Strong Secure Pet Dog Tie-Out Cable

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Size 10ft (3m) Long
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The Rosewood tie out cables offer the perfect solution for the times you need to secure your dog whilst still giving them some freedom to roam.

Perfect for the garden, the park, camping, picnics to name only a few scenarios this product will come in very handy.

Ensure Your Dog Security When you have a picnic, this long dog leash can keep your hands free and limit your dog to ensure security.


The tie out cable is constructed with strong braided steel cable that is coated in a thick durable PVC sleeve.

Surface Protective Layer- With the surface protective layer, it's wear-resistant, corrosion resistant and more durable.

Durable and Bite-resistant- This steel wire dog leash is very strong, durable and bite-resistant.

Strong Snaps on Both Ends. Featured with strong snaps on both ends, you can attach it to the ground stake, a post or tying around a tree, post, clipped to a ground stake or any suitable anchor point.

We recommend occasional oiling of the clips from time to time to prevent weathering and to maintain their smooth movement.

Suitable for all breeds

4 sizes available: 10ft/ 3m
15ft / 4.5m
20ft/ 6m
30ft/ 9m
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