Whale Supersub Smart 650 Bilge Pump Automatic with Electronic Float Switch 12v

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The Supersub Smart Bilge Pump by Whale is a top quality bilge pump, as fitted by many top boat manufacturers.

Fully automatic - switches on when water is detected. No separate float switch or complicated wiring needed.

The Electronic float switch has no moving parts and uses ultra reliable electric field sensor technology. It cannot be jammed by bilge debris and is not effected by waves.

Very low and narrow profile, can easily be installed in narrow keels and under sole boards in shallow bilges.

41 Litres per minute open flow. (for comparison with other pumps)

34 Litres per minute in a typical installation with 1m head at 13.6v.

Includes hose tail for 19mm internal diameter hose.

Supplied with non-return valve for applications that require one.

Includes mounting wedge for optimal installation.

Easy to retrofit or replace existing pumps - multiple mounting holes line up with most screw holes from other pumps.

Fully sealed and potted electronics, submersible design.

212mm (8-3/8") Long.

54mm (2-1/8") high and 75mm (3") wide when mounted with hose outlet horizontal. (shallow bilge)

75mm (3") tall and 54mm (2-1/8") wide when mounted with hose outlet vertical (narrow bilge)

12v, Easy to wire. Only three wire connection.

Brown wire - to battery positive.
Black wire - to battery negative.
White wire (optional) - to bilge pump manual override switch.

Ignition Protected per ABYC and USCG standards.
Conforms to ISO 8849 and ISO 15083.
CE Certified directive 2004/108/EC- EMC compliant.
NMMA type approved.