Wire Strippers and Crimper Pliers Electrical Tool Cutters Snips TE003

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High quality tool, making stripping even thin wires very easy.

Total Length 210mm.

Self adjusting design makes easy stripping without any adjustment.

Adjustable stop allows you to set the amount of insulation you want to strip between 820mm.

This stop can be removed to strip insulation from the centre of a wire. Perfect for splicing.

Perfect for stripping wires from 0.2mm to 6mm and even most delicate wires such as telephone and network cabling.

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel and special hardened for strength and durability.

Suitable for copper and aluminium wire.

It is also possible to crimp terminals in the sections between the handles.

Suitable for crimps; insulated terminals 10 22 awg, non insulated terminals 4 22 awg, ignition terminals 7mm 8mm.